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What is The Rhyming Detective?

The Rhyming Detective is a full cast, comedy adventure podcast series written by Simon Paul Miller.

If you can laugh at comedy that doesn't use swear words, then this new audio podcast should be just your cup of tea. Unless you don't like tea, in which case replace tea with a drink of your own preference.


Episodes one and four were recorded on Thursday 10th March 2016 at Jubilee Leamington in front of a live audience of over 120 people. The first episode was released as a podcast on March 25th.




From the left, Nick Wilmot (Sound Engineer), Andrew Jakeman (SFX), Sue Stepney (Professor Watt), Simon Paul Miller (Dick Dick Digger), Anna Chilvers (Queenie), Jonathan Chilvers (Mr King) and Andy Ennever (SFX).

The Show What You Wrote

A sketch written by Simon Paul Miller was recorded on Monday 9th September 2015 at the Comedy Club in Manchester for BBC Radio Four Extra's comedy sketch show, 'The Show What You Wrote'. It was one of eighty scripts selected from over 2,500 sketches that were sent in to the production team but, unfortunately, didn't make it into the final edit.

About The Writer: Simon Paul Miller

The Show What You Wrote
Doctor Who Short Trips Vol 3

About The Artist:

Thomas M. Adams

The terrific artwork used in our podcast covers and on this web site were created by Thomas M. Adams, an artist with over fifteen years experience in computer graphics and a BA (Hons) in Computer Studies and Art.

A Christmas mini-episode, which is a tale narrated by Dick Dick Digger, and Episode Three, "It's All About MeeMee", were recorded, again at Jubilee Leamington, on Monday 28th November 2016 in front of a live audience of over 100 people.


The Christmas special, "The Fight Before Christmas", was released in December 2016 and "It's All About MeeMee" was released in February 2017.


And, on Saturday 2nd June 2018, we recorded Episode 2, a murder mystery entitled "The Stuffed of Nightmares" and Episode 5, a spy thriller called "The Name's Tom, Tom Tom" at Dale Street Church in Leamington Spa.


This session was our most ambitious, longest recording session yet with our biggest cast, more sound effects than ever before and we had a visual effects element as well.


If you enjoy listening to any episodes of The Rhyming Detective, please let us know either on our Facebook page (link at the top of the page) or by adding a comment in whatever podcast app you use.


The cast of "It's all about MeeMee" DEC 2016

From the left, Anna Bird (MeeMee), Charles Crow (Lord Web-Browser), Simon Paul Miller (Dick Dick Digger) and Gary Bird (The Phantom).

Breaking The News

Simon Paul Miller has written for three BBC topical comedy shows. He started by submitting material to BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack...

In 2017, Simon joined the writers pool for BBC Scotland's Breaking The News, got his first one-liner on the show in just his second week and has become a regular contributor to the show ever since.

'The Name's Tom, Tom Tom' & 'The Stuffed of Nightmares' July 2018

From the left, Louisa Radice, Ian Hardman, Johnathan Chilvers, Pauline Johnson, Simon Paul Miller, James Mitchell, Natalia Marks & Lorna Bartels.

Doctor Who Short Trips:

Seven To One

And this is where it all started, in May 2011. Simon's first published work, a short story spread over the whole audiobook in short episodic instalments in-between the other stories. It can be purchased on the Big Finish Web Site.



BBC Radio 4 Extra's Newsjack accepts (and pays for!) material from anyone, and Simon has been a regular contributor to this show since 2013. In 2018, Simon was one of a selected number of writers invited to contribute one-liners for the spin-off show, Newsjack Unplugged.

The Rhyming Detective

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